A Nikkei Experience at INTI – Menu Tasting

INTI Nikkei restaurant gives you an experience from the moment you step into the One Africa building situated in Westlands along the Waiyaki way. The restaurant has its own private elevator! It makes you feel like a movie star, being ushered in through the elevator into the magnificence that is INTI. The views alone are enough to satisfy your sight.


Royalty and Glamour on Display at Millionaires Casino Launch

Something about getting dressed up on a Saturday night and heading to the launch of the biggest casino in East and Central Africa just screams royalty and glamour. That was everyone who attended the much-anticipated launch of Millionaires Casino this past weekend at Two Rivers Mall.

The 2600 sq. ft, 14 million-dollar establishment boasts of 40 live game tables with a permanent stage for entertainment. Talking to the General Manager of Millionaires Casino, he stated that they want to bring a unique feel to the Kenyan gaming sector and have the newest tech, some of which haven’t been used anywhere else in Africa.


The Beards of Nairobi: #NoShaveNovember

Just like natural hair movement for women, beards are enjoying a renaissance. In recent years, the beard has transitioned from a mere statement of masculinity to become a symbol of male beauty. Nowadays, a full beard is something of an ‘accessory’ to be factored into a man’s overall personal style.

Pop culture has increased the mainstream appeal of the bearded look thanks to world-famous beardies like James Harden and Lionel Messi, rapper Drake, and even royalty in the shape of Prince Harry.


Why Good Design is Good Business.

Good design is good business. From dating apps to online shopping, we choose products, services and people based on beauty.Successful business owners know this well. When most people are asked what attracted them to a company’s website or app majority state that the website design of the business was their number one factor in determining the credibility of that business.


The Art of Starting, Building and Scaling a Business

We are StudioTEEL and we focus on content creation on our YouTube channel, photography, graphic design, and marketing. I am Wizben Mateli, the co-founder and chief executive of the company. We incorporated StudioTEEL back in December of 2017 with a buddy of mine called Teddy Muraya. He is a seasoned photographer and a charming man when you get to hear him tell his stories.